Popular Christmas Flowers and Their Meanings

While Christmas flowers contribute considerably to all festive celebrations, they’re mostly passed over by the gigantic Christmas tree, candles, or garlands.

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While Christmas flowers contribute considerably to all festive celebrations, they’re mostly passed over by the gigantic Christmas tree, candles, or garlands. However, Christmas plants and blooms should always be on the top of your holiday shopping list merely because of the liveliness and grace they bring along.

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Let’s have a look at some popular Christmas flowers as well as their meanings that make an extraordinary Corunna flowers delivery for Christmas festivities: 

#1. Amaryllis

    Amaryllis flowers are one of the most elegant tropical plants. But what is it that makes these flowers an excellent choice specifically for Christmas? Well, when you grow The Amaryllis as a potted plant in your house, they bloom their best during the winter season!

    Symbolism of Amaryllis

      The Amaryllis signifies three basic things that include beauty, attention, as well as pride. They are some of the most ravishing flower choices that are truly appealing to the eye. Victorians also regarded these flowers to be an epitome of pride as well as vanity. 

      #2. Poinsettia

      Considered to be the official Christmas flowers, poinsettias are some of the most idyllic blooms that you can get for the holiday season. Their vibrant red leaves are eye-catching and spread liveliness across the celebration.

      Symbolism of Poinsettia

      All countries, as well as cultures, have a distinct understanding of these exquisite blooms. However, in modern times, these flowers are especially associated with Christmas Eve.

      The symbolism of poinsettias is generally associated with hope, love, as well as goodwill. And particularly for Christmas time, they instill much-needed positivity and festive joy. 

      #3. Holly

      Holly flowers are the perfect choice for a holy occasion like Christmas! These tiny berries complement any Christmas decorations and have been a popular festival pick for a long time now. Holly is a true winter flower that contributed extensively to any decoration at an affordable price!

      Symbolism of Holly

      Holly is considered to carry great religious significance for a long time. It is also believed that the flower had a crucial role to play in Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion. Holly was also considered to be a sort of branch that was used in making a wreath of thorns for Jesus.


      Roses have always been one of the most popular flower choices. Whatever color you may choose, these flowers will always make sure to stand out.

      Symbolism of Rose

      The symbolism of roses largely depends on their color. For instance, red roses signify love and passion, white roses signify innocence and purity, whereas green roses signify abundance as well as growth.

      #5. Paperwhites

        Also popularly known as Narcissus plants, the Paperwhites flowers may not look like festival flowers, however, they are true winter flowers that add to the beauty of any festive celebration. It is also pretty easy to grow and take care of them.

        Symbolism of Paperwhites

        Paperwhites signify renewal as well as rebirth. This is because these are the first flowers to blossom during the spring season.

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