Traditional Christmas Flowers And Their Meaning

Christmas flowers are the perfect selection for creating a beautifully personalized piece for the holiday season. Each flower and plant selection has a symbolic meaning. Lets have a look for few christmas flowers and their meaning..

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Want to keep it traditional this year round well here are some flowers that are a classic choice for the Holiday season. Plants and flowers for the win in the gifting category this season. Because they look great, last long and are sustainable. A List of traditional flowers that will bring a smile to your face from lapier's flowers -


A plant that belongs to the family of shrubs, poinsettias are glowy! These have deep green leaves at base and over that you will find bright red leaves. Poinsettias are the official flower for christmas and a lot of people set them up as decor, centerpieces and also exchange them as gifts. These flowers are actually native to Mexico and were later brought to America. What Do These Flowers Represent? Well the shape of this is said to resemble the Star of Bethlehem that led wise men to Jesus Christ.


Another red one, but this time the shape is extremely unique. This is a single petal flower with a yellow stigma on top and the petal is sometimes shaped like a heart. The texture of this is also different since the petals have a waxy touch to them. It is also known as flamingo flower and laceleaf. Anthurium symbolizes hospitality making it the perfect gift for the holiday season.


A red flower that belongs to the family of Amaryllidaceae, this flower again is a traditional christmas flower. Known for its deep symbolism and also because they bloom in November and December. These come in various colors like pink and white but for christmas red is preferred. The Meaning Of Gifting Such Flowers is expressing the feeling of love, passion and attraction.

#Christmas cactus 

Another plant that blooms during the holiday season. This cactus is unlike regular cactus because it thrives in colder temperatures. And also bears flowers which are the loveliest shade of pink. These need partial sunlight making it perfect for keeping indoors. The cactus itself has an interesting shape which has stems bending over. The combination of green and white looks magical and brightens up any corner. Coming to its symbolism, this plant signifies loyalty and resilience. Making it the right pick for a Christmas flowers delivery


You must have seen this flower around quite a lot, known for its elegance and intricate design. Orchids look gorgeous and since they come in colors yellow, white and purple they are a little different from the typical red. You can easily get them at sarnia florists since they are found all year round. Orchids add a touch of poise to your flower arrangement. These beauties stand for refinement, beauty, charm and love.


an interesting flower indeed, these are loved for their bright poppy shade of pink. With leaves that look like bunny ears, this is a super cute flower to have around the house. With flower shops in sarnia you can get your hands on this. Not to forget about the symbolism which represents holy love and mother mary. You can go for a potted Cyclamen that looks super sweet and makes a pretty good gift for christmas.

With lapier flowers corunna you will get traditional and modern flower arrangements for christmas along with other occasions coming up as well.

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